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Unable to connect to the MKS: Connection terminated by server on ESXi 5.5

January 8, 2014

I am seeing this issue on ESXi 5.5 build 1331820 (from the HP custom image) on HP BL460C GEN8 servers.  According to this thread it has been seen by a few people and VMware released a patch for this on December 22nd (four patches in total were released on this day.  Rebooting the hosts or restarting the management agents clears the fault but it appears to come back after a couple of weeks of operation.

The thread also discusses issues with a HP component called AMS but I have not seen an issue with this.  HP have an advisory out for AMS 9.1.0 but this is on ESXi 5.1 or 5.0 not 5.5. My version of AMS is currently 550.9.4.0-29.1198611 (get this from a putty session on the host by executing “esxcli software vib list | more”) so I am above the recommended version (9.2.0 or later) anyway.  The post does mention a last resort method of uninstalling the software which can be found here.

If you do need to update AMS this would be done from the latest HP offline bundle available here.

Other recent updates for the BL460C GEN8 are:

  • ILO4 version 1.32 which correct an issue with ILO incorrectly identifying an overheating condition.  Download the latest version from the ILO4 support page.
  •   A new system ROM dated 14th November (previous version was 18th September).  Download this from the HP product homepage.

The patches above are not in the latest version of the HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) which is currently version 2013.09.0(B) and cuts off at 31st October 2013.  So if you prefer to deploy patches this way you will have to wait for the newest release.

I plan on testing the latest firmware and ESXi patches on production systems soon.  If you are suffering the same issue my advice would be to monitor the thread mentioned at the top of the post to see how other people are getting along 🙂

EDIT – some further updates to the communities thread state that the VMware December 22nd updates for ESXi do not fix the issue.  One poster states that only stopping and starting the hp-ams service allows normal operation to resume.  I have tested this in my own environment and can confirm this also.

To restart hp-ams you don;t have to be in maintenance mode (but please do if you are concerned about risk of the host crashing).  Then putty onto the host and:

/etc/init.d/ restart

Looks like this issue is between HP and VMware to sort out I would probably expect an update to hp-ams soon?  While we are waiting here is a cheesy video explaining what the service actually does..



Logged this with VMware and they asked me to pass to HP.  Now logged with HP.


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