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ESXTOP, NUMA, virtual sockets and cores. The penny finally drops.

December 5, 2013

I have recently been watching the Trainsignal/Pluralsight VCAP training series with Jason Nash.

One of the lessons discusses NUMA and gives recommendations on setting virtual sockets and cores correctly within the vSphere client.  Another lesson gives a good overview of using ESXTOP and points the watcher in the direction of a vSphere 5 ESXTOP quick reference poster.  Both were highly educational videos and are well worth watching.

The quick reference poster (created by Andi Lesslhumer) can be found here:

A good read on NUMA and how to correctly set sockets/cores on VMs can be found here:

I am really glad I decided to begin my VCAP journey and look forward to finishing the training videos (and then watching them all over again!).

EDIT A nice overview doc of ESXTOP can be found here:

An overview of maximum sockets per O.S. can be found here:



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