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ESXi “Bank 6 not a valid bootbank error” on Proliant Gen8 Server

September 27, 2013

ESXi is installed on an SD card and following an update to the BIOS the server may only see the first 32mb of the card.  This is enough to get the boot going but the boot crashes out pretty quickly.

The answer can be found in this article on the HP site which recommends updating the ILO to firmware revision 1.30.

Note that this version of the firmware seems to break the “Remote Console” link within ILO in IE unless you run in compatibility mode.  Firefox and Chrome appear to be unaffected by this.

Should the rather long link above stop working (come on HP, try harder please) then the document reference appears to be “mmr_kc-0108349”.

The ILO code can also be downloaded from here.

When updating ILO firmware download the code for “Windows” not “VMware” or you end up with some odd zip file format (SCEXE) that only works on LINUX.  Extract the file to get the .bin file and then log into the ILO to upgrade the ILO firmware.

The good news is that following a firmware upgrade ESXi will boot up fine and your installation should be fine.



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  1. Shawn permalink

    This post was a life saver, had to do a hard shutdown on two of our ESXi boxes at the same time and when I brought them both back up the both showed the Bank 6 error and those were the only boxes running our DMZ cluster and I really didn’t want to reload ESXi on them if I didn’t have too. Thanks a lot your post of upgrading ILO did the trick!

  2. anonymous permalink

    legend! thanks, you saved me a heap of time

  3. Anthony permalink

    A life saver! Thank you!

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