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Running Windows 7…install Windows 8…using VMware Workstation 9

January 29, 2013

See what I did there?  7..8..9…


So the deal is I have a Windows 7 laptop and wanted to install Windows 8 as a VM using VMware Workstation 9.

So on Sunday I used the “Easy Install” option, pointed it to a Windows 8 ISO from Technet and get a “5D” error within a few seconds.  A bit of Googling and I am none the wiser and decide to retire for the evening.

Fast forward to today (Tuesday) which is the next time I get to do anything “tech” (thanks to Chris’s Blog Jnr not wanting to go to sleep last night!) and I am looking to buy the Windows 8 upgrade before the £25 offer runs out in 48 hours (to install at a much later date).

As part of the purchase process Microsoft kindly run a pre upgrade check that makes sure your PC BIOS apps and drivers are all ok for the Windows 8 upgrade. To my surprise my laptop fails, and I am sent to the following page…

What is PAE, NX, and SSE2 and why does my PC need to support them to run Windows 8?

Although I am not bothered about this at the moment I decided to take a look anyway (I just don’t like failing tests). After making a BIOS change I re-ran the test and passed; so I decided to retry my install of Windows 8 within a VM.

It worked…

So in a roundabout kind of a way thanks Microsoft!

So time to give Windows 8 another try in a VM, we will see how that works.  I have read a few not so great things about the VM experience so if that doesn’t work I might go dual boot.  A couple of good titbits on this can be found below:

Booting Microsoft Windows 8 from a VHD in Windows 7

Native VHD Boot is available in all versions of Windows 7

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