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Making vCenter datastore alarms useful

January 2, 2013

The alarm for “Datastore usage on disk” within vCenter is pretty useless as it can only warn/alarm when a set percentage of disk has been surpassed (the default is warn at 75% usage and alert at 85% usage).  Not much use if you have a number of different sized datastores and want to be alerted if you gave less than x GB free on the volume!

So here is an interesting post which uses folders within the Datastores and Datastore Clusters view in vCenter and assigning a different alarm to each folder.  So for example you can assign alarms with different different percentage thresholds to different folders:

So, for example, on my system I now have folders (and associated alarms) as follows:


Datastores have been dragged into the appropriate folder and now I don’t get hundreds of datastore usage alarms every day!

As a note the article does come with a “health warning” that under vCenter Server 4.x vCenter itself can become unresponsive if using alarms on datastore folders.  I have not seen any issues on my production 5.0 system (though of course will be keeping a close eye on things).  The KB article can be found here:


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