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Create your own IT magazine with Flipboard and RSS

September 27, 2012

I am old school.  You see, I don’t even write it “old skool” which just goes to prove how old school I am 🙂  You see I like magazines…I like browsing the articles and deciding what to read, I like “flipping” the pages over.

So how pleased was I when I discovered Flipboard on my iPad?  Very, that is how pleased.  Please note though I am NOT an Apple fan boy and the software is also available for Android devices (though I don’t own an Android tablet any more (see here) so I can’t tell you what it is like on Android.  If you have’t seen Flipboard check out the web site here.

This is how to build your own magazine….

1. On a PC install Chrome, go to the Chrome store and add in the Google Reader app.

2. Still on your PC, launch your Google Reader app and subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favourite web sites (for example  For some other ideas see my RSS feeds in the right hand column).

3. On your iPad or Android device install Flipboard and link it to your Google Reader account.

4. Put your feet up and enjoy your custom made magazine with a nice cup of coffee.

Now I do admit having to manage your feeds on Windows Chrome is a bit of a pain, so come on Google..sort out Google Reader for the iPad and Android!

Have a better way to keep up with the world?  Let me know below!



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