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Favourite Windows Software #5 – TreeSize Professional.

August 9, 2012

Everybody has a favourite file and folder reporting utility.  I have used a few and let me tell you this….none of the are a patch on TreeSize Professional.

Can your favourite reporting utility do this….

– Scan remote drives by entering a UNC?

– Create nice graphical reports for you to give to managers?

– Export data to CSV and Excel?

– Compare two saved snapshots taken over time to tell you exactly where file growth is occurring?

– Come with a viewer application (free licence) so that you can save reports and then send them to other members of staff (allowing them to drill down a directory structure within the report to see file and folder sizes)?

No?  I didn’t think the software you used to favour would do all of that.

Now check out Jam Software’s TreeSize Pro here.

Seriously, I recommend this software to every organisation I work for.  I suggest you buy enough licences to cover your technical team, load it on a “utility” server and then run all of your reports from this one central place.

Now the next time someone cries out “xyz server is out of space” you will have the answer to where that disk space went in seconds.

If you are unfortunate to be managing large file shares on Windows boxes you should start running reports now.  When the server runs out of space in a year or two your managers will worship the ground you walk on when you provide them with previous years of disk stats and “projected growth” stats.

The latter point actually happened to me a couple of years ago and will be the subject of a future post…

Have fun!


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