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Sharing a SAN disk between servers WITHOUT clustering.

August 6, 2012

This is a bit of an odd requirement, but there may be the occasional time you need to do this so here goes!

Lets say you have three Windows servers and you want to share a SAN disk between them.  One server must see the drive as R/W and the other two servers must see the drive as R/O.

In our case our SAN cannot present the LUN to two of the servers as read only so we need to find a way to mount the drive as read/write on one server and read only on the other two servers.

The answer to the problem can be found here…

Note – the servers you configure as read only see the disk as it is mounted at the time, to see changes to the file structure of the disk you will need to off-line and then on-line the disk.

This solution is therefore only of use to static data, perhaps where one server is building a data set and then that is given to other servers to read (while another data set is built up).




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