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Keeping up with the industry.

August 6, 2012

I thought I would share some of the ways I try and keep up with the industry.  This is purely from the perspective of a server engineer working within the Wintel arena (so no references to gadget magazines/web sites!).

If you have some good sources of information yourself, please do share!  I am always interested to hear what other people read/listen/watch to keep up with the world of IT.

1. Windows IT Pro (subscription based).

I mentioned this in a previous post I “rediscovered” this magazine after buying an iPad.  You can buy the magazine directly from the Apple App store or through the website at for about $30 (US Dollars) a year.  The magazine does cover non-Microsoft technology (e.g. VMware, security products etc) though be warned some of the articles can be hardcore tech!

2. Redmond Magazine (free with any Microsoft certification).

I have to admit, I don’t read this magazine.  I thought I would mention it though as it is free with any Microsoft certification.  To subscribe login to the MCP portal at  When logged in click on “Special Offers” then “Affiliate Discounts” you should see the link for Redmond Mag listed there.  From what I remember I struggled to get my subscription going as I am based in the UK and the sign-up didn’t want to let me get the free on-line edition, can’t remember how I got around it but it is possible!

3. Storage Magazine and Information Security Magazine (free with registration).

Both of these magazines are from the TechTarget web site.  The web site is a bit of a “dogs dinner” in my opinion and finding the magazines to download is a real pain.  But if you goolge something like “techtarget storage magazine august 2012” or “techtarget ism magazine august 2012” you should get to the right place.  You will need to register, you will have to login each time to download the magazine and they will ask you some annoying marketing questions every time and send you some junk email.  The magazines are worth the hassle though and they are free after all, right?

4. vLaunchPad (free).

If VMware is your thing then really you are spoiled for choice for good material.  A good start is the vLaunchPad web site which lists just about every resource available on the Internet to do with virtualisation and more.  The page is part of  Eric Siebert’s vSphere-land web site and can be found here:  I came across the site when watching one of the training videos for the Backup Academy certification (see previous post for more information).

5. Various podcasts (free).

As I have mentioned before I recently bought an iPad and use “iCatcher!” to access podcasts.  Now I really don’t wish to become the type of person who bangs on about Apple products but I am a big fan of “iCatcher!”;  except for the fact that it has an exclamation mark in it’s name, which, for some reason, annoys me.  Some podcasts I have loaded up are as follows:

  • vChat
  • ProfessionalVMware – BrownBags
  • VMware Communities Roundtable

I hope something here tickled your taste-buds.  If you have some good sources of industy info please let me know below!


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