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Lets all thank “Tech” for a smooth Olympic games.

July 30, 2012

So today was “the first big day” for the Olympics and London commuting.  I went through Kings Cross this morning and to be honest all was calm and well.  No massive queues, no irrate commuters.

So where were all of the queues and the disaster predicted by the press and most working Londoners? My guess is we won’t see too many problems. 

This isn’t because of people walking or cycling instead of taking the bus or tube. This isn’t because of major investment in the transport infrastructure over the last few years to make it a fast, efficient system.

The reason is much simpler than that.

You see half of London work for the government and they have all been given two weeks off…ahem..I mean they are all “working from home” (note the inverted commas).

I worked in local government for a few years and was informed I HAD to work from home two days a week.  This allowed the Council to flog off a load of offices and then invest all the money saved in an Icelendic building society.

I started to suspect that working from home wasn’t quite what I thought when talking to a collegue about a major server fault we had been experiencing.  I was running out of the door to get home (5.30 on the dot, of course) “call me tomorrow” I said “I’m working from home”.  My collegue replied “Oh don’t worry, it will wait until you get back”.

A few weeks later I was calling a collegue to discuss another important matter.  He was working from home and as his softphone rang it redirected to his mobile.  “Hello” he said as he picked up, as I started to explain what I needed to speak to him about at that very moment I heard in the background…

“And in aisle number eight we have a special deal right now on Barbeques…”

“Shall I call you later? You sound a bit busy?” I asked.  “Yes” he replied, sounding slightly embarassed. “How about in a couple of hours?”.

So as I will be racing back to London in my first class seat this evening (unless the ticket inspector hoiks me back to standard class) I shall be raising a glass (or luke warm bottle of Buxton Spring) to the unsung heroes of the London 2012 Olympics.

If you work for the government and are currently “working from home” I salute you.  Oh and can you let me know how we are doing in the medals table?


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