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Free virtual backup certification

July 30, 2012

I’m a big fan of Veeam Backup and Replication and while searching around to see if they offered any certifications I came accross these guys…

The site is a free set of training videos around the subject of backing up a virtual infrastructure.  It is largely based around VMware though there are a couple if Hyper-V videos.  The videos are “vendor neutral” towards backup product, though the site  is sponsored by Veeam.

The instructors are well known in the industry for virtualisation blogs, books and a couple of them have done videos for TrainSignal.

At the end of your study you have the option to take a free online test and if you pass you become a “Backup Academy Certified Professional”.

The videos are pretty good and well worth a look.  If you are Microsoft/VMware certified already you will know a lot of the material but you should still pick up a few things here and there.

I just passed the test today and would like say thanks to all of the people involved in the production of the videos and exam.  It’s sure is nice to get something for free!


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