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Windows snipping tool and Office Screenshot/Screen Clipping

July 4, 2012

Sometimes something simple can make your life so much easier; the Office Screenshot/Screen Clipping tool and the Windows snipping tool do just that for me.  If you write a lot of documenation and need to get a screen shot fast you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

First up is Office Screenshot.  Do you have Office 2010?  Good, then I will begin…

Open up Word and then click where the big red arrow is pointing…

You should see the following quick menu, select the option”More Commands”:

The screen shown below should appear.  Ensure you have “All commands” selected from the drop down box called “Choose commands from”.  Now scroll down the list until you find “Screen Clipping” and “Screen Shot”, select each in turn and press the “Add” button.  When complete press “OK”.

Now you should be back in word and you will notice the two extra icons at the top of the screen…

Push this one…

Your screen should go a blurry white.  Now select an area of the screen and bingo…your selection is pasted right into your word document.

Good, isn’t it?  It works in PowerPoint 2010 too.

Windows 7 and Vista also have the Windows Snipping Tool.  I prefer to use the Office tool but if you don’t have Office 2010 needs as needs must…

For Windows 7 push “Start” then type in “snip” into the box…that should get you to the tool.  If you run Vista just upgrade it to 7 (or 8 in a few weeks).



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