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Favourite Windows Software #1 – WinCDEmu ISO mounting tool

July 4, 2012

I thought some quick posts about my favourite software would be a good idea…so here is the first of the posts!  Please note…the order is just the order I think of them, I am not ordering them in any specific way!

My first favourite piece of software is a very new addition to the Chris’s Blog arsenal; found after starting a new job and needing a pucka ISO mounting tool that was free for corporate use. You see a lot of software is free for home use but not for work use, and I really didn’t want to fall foul of the licencing police on day one of my new job.

After some serious Googling enter WinCDEmu to my toolbox, possibly the worst named piece of software since “Windows 95 USB Supplement to OSR2”. It may have a rubbish name, but it is a great piece of software.

What it does is rather simple…double-click a CD or DVD ISO file and up pops a little menu like this…

I bet the software you normally use takes more clicks to get here doesn’t it?

Bet you want to replace it with WinCDEmu now, don’t you?

Go on, treat yourself….



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