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APC racks rock

June 16, 2012

During my last contract I was introduced to APC racks by a slightly mad French consultant.  Now I have come across these racks before (as racks for patch panels and Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches) but I have never had to rack server equipment into them.

“They are truly awesome” said the slightly mad French consultant.

“Show me” I said.  And he did.

  • First of all the entire rack is made from powder coated steel.  This means every inch of the rack is coated.  No sharp corners or sticky out bits for you to rip your fingers to shreds on.  This is so much better than an HP rack where I ALWAYS end up having to wrap a finger in tissue or kitchen role after slicing part of it off on the rack.
  • Next up are the side panels.  They come off without any tools.  The roof comes off as well which is great if you need to feed a bunch of 20 or 40 CAT6 cables into the rack from the top (which we did).
  • The doors on the front and back are split down the middle so one engineer can take them off by himself/herself.
  • The racks are deep.  There is plenty of space for your server equipment and the cabling.  Not only this, the bars you screw the front and back of the servers to are adjustable (backwards and forwards).  Need more space for your cabling at the front? no problem; need that extra space at the back? no problem either.
  • Finally the blanking plates are made from good quality plastic and attach with no screws, though they are only 1U high.  I much prefer this than having to screw in a load of blanking plates after all the equipment has been racked.

The racks really feel like the people who designed them put a massive amount if effort into what they do.  As far as racks are concerned, my 12 year love affair with HP is over, it is APC for me all the way.

And as far as mad French consultants go, “vive la France”!



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