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Which job sites do you use?

June 15, 2012

A friend of mine recently asked me this and my answer was the same as it has been in the last few years…I only use two and they are:

I tend to find most phone calls I get are from Jobsite but I think it is good to have both bases covered.  The interface on Jobsite is horrible lately but it is worth putting the effort in if you want that next contract!

For both sites I have a basic profile and just upload a copy of my CV every week (when I am looking for work); it is important to do this as it means agency people know you are still looking and that your status isn’t “stale”.  Also on Jobserve don’t forget to make your CV searchable.

That’s it really.  Once posted I sit back and wait for the phone to ring (I don’t tend to trawl through the job ads..perhaps I should).

It’s a tough market out there right now so good look if you are looking.  If you find you have time between contracts use it wisely, maybe learn a new skill or take some time to overhaul your CV if you have been putting it off!

Do you have any good job seeking tips?  Please share!



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