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Bing Desktop – Microsoft gets it oh so right….

June 15, 2012

After recently upgrading my laptop to an SSD drive I took the opportunity to install a fresh version of the O.S. on the drive and all the latest firmware, drivers and versions of the apps I use.  Following several rounds of Windows Update (something that is much more tolerable with the quick reboot time of the SSD drive) I noticed an update for the Bing Desktop…I thought I would give it a go, if only to see how terrible it was before uninstalling it.

So if you haven’t loaded it yet what do you get?  Well you get a nice random photo of the day on your desktop and built into this is a Bing search box.  You can have the search box in the middle of the desktop picture (which kind of ruins the picture) or at the top of the screen where it disappears when not in use (unless you hover your mouse over it).  That’s it.

Sound good?  Well it is.  It is simple, elegant and a joy to use.  I still have it running on my machine now and yes, it even encourages me to sometimes “Bing” instead of “Google”.  I do have a Google search gadget on my Windows 7 desktop as well so I can easily get to both (but that was written by a third party and not Google).

Why have Microsoft got it oh so right?  The nice picture of the day and the unobtrusiveness of it keeps the product installed.  I can even see corporate IT departments allowing it onto the desktop (it would stand a much better chance than the “bloatware” that is Google Desktop.

Now I am serious on last point.  I have never worked anywhere that allows Google Desktop on the corporate build (reasons cited by others include indexing slowing the machine down, it being a “security issue” and just not wanting to support it).  With Bing Desktop however there is nothing to support, the only configurable option is where the search box goes.  The only hindrance to a corporate deployment would be the concern that several thousand PCs would be trying to download the same picture at 9am every morning (or 10.30 if you work for the government); but I am sure your caching Internet proxy server could cope with that!

So I do hope to see Bing Desktop out there in the corporate world, if only to brighten the day of the people chained to their PC from 9 to 5.30, much better than looking at some boring grey dull corporate branded desktop image telling you how great the company you work for is when most of the time it isn’t…

And to the Bing Desktop developers….well done!  If this gets you more market share in the web search space I applaud you!

Do you “Bing” and have you tried the Bing Desktop?  Let me know your thoughts….



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