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A new RSI gadget on the way…

June 14, 2012

I suffer from RSI (or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you are of an American disposition).  It came about just before Y2K after I spent about a hundred hours a week working trying to get a large advertising agencies corporate global email system (GroupWise of course) Y2K compliant.  Three months of software upgrades hitting 120 offices.  Three months of very late nights, no weekends and finally a lot of RSI pain!  I had to take 3 months off work and could barely move my hands but time healed and I got back to work….but as a contractor (another story for another day).

Anyhoo…since then I have had an interest in any tech that can help my RSI.  I tried trackballs but hated them.  I tried a Microsoft natural keyboard but couldn’t get the hang of it, in fact I think it made things worse.  In the end I settled for a Wacom Graphire tablet.  I liked it so much I bought a second one (one for work and one for home) both of which are A6 size (I have a Graphire v3 and a v4);  I bought a mini version for my laptop (the size of a credit card) as well.

Well over the years I have recommended them to a number of people who also suffer RSI.  I think a few have bought them and some people have bought other brands (Trust springs to mind).  I still get comments from people at wherever I am working (the first day in a new place can be a real pain as I have to explain to everyone who walks buy exactly what my Graphire tablet is!  I have noticed over the last year or two that people try and use it without the pen instead trying to swipe their hands on the surface of it.  The pen, although wireless, is a bit of a pain to use especially if you want to to some “click work” then want to switch back to typing and back and forth (pick it up, put it down, pick it up)…

So tonight I had a review of the current “RSI Tech” on the internet.  I see Wacom are selling the same sort of thing though I think “Bamboo” is the new “Graphire”.  Trust are still selling a similar thing too.  I still hate the look of track balls….

After much searching I did come across the “Logitech Wireless Touchpad” which basically like the touchpad on a laptop (I hate these also) but actually is supposed to work.  So is this going to be my trusty “Wacom without a pen” that I have been waiting for?  We will see, I ordered one today (30 quid from Amazon)…apparently Apple have something similar but surprisingly it only works with Macs and I don’t do those….oh and it costs a zillion pounds but it looks “nice” and isn’t made from plastic.

Interestingly I also discovered something called a “vertical mouse” but they cost 80 quid and you would look like a real nutter using one…

If you have any good RSI tips please share!  I know many people who would be interested in any good advice!



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